My heartfelt thanks to my hosts here, ~ I’m BACK!

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Well. I have just spent the last two days minimizing my presence on the web/net by over 80%.
I’ve closed domains, sites, webrings, blogs, groups, fanlistings… and have kept THIS blog among the small 20%.
I’m going in and removing about 90% of the sidebar stuff, and basically starting over.
I’ll also FINALLY attempt a long overdue upgrade… I’ve a gut that it’ll do the same as one of my other now defunct blogs, and I’ll lose content.
So be it.
So mote it be.

Wish me luck!

Those who celebrate Yule…
Those who celebrate Hannukah…
Those who celebrate Christmas…
Those who celebrate Kwanza…
and anything else I may’ve neglected…



and yes, I’m still on hiatus / sabbatical

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This Is My Word: Alpha And Omega

I am taking a sabbatical, going on a SPIRITUAL hiatus.

There is much to comprehend.

I am SO happy and PROUD!

Too excited to write much more than ^that^!